CHILDCARE catering

Wholesome, good quality food

A healthy and nutritious diet for kids includes...

Organic Vegetables


Oatmeal and Berries Yogurt
Drinking Milk
Chicken Breast

Cereals, crackers,

bread etc.

Milk & milk


Lean meat, legumes

& poultry




Our menus provide a minimum of 50% of the recommended daily intake of all nutrients required for each day while in care. The menus have been designed to meet the requirements of:

Fresh, nutritious and creative meals delivered daily ...

The Rainbow Corner Gourmet Catering Service provides fresh meals and snacks daily to centres in the Auckland region. The daily menu includes morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea and a puree menu option for babies.

We help your centre save the time needed to devote to menu planning and meal preparation, as well as the resources required to train staff to cater for children with diverse requirements.


Here's how it works...

  • Place an order with us for the number of meals you’d like that week – including any special requirements

  • Our professionally trained chefs use local high-quality, seasonal ingredients to prepare varied and delicious meals to meet all your children’s requirements

  • We carefully package the meals in convenient, single-use packaging

  • The next morning, our drivers deliver your meals in refrigerated vans to your center. They also bring you a full list of ingredients for each meal and a straight forward heating guide

  • Your center staff simply heat and serve the meals

  • The children in your care enjoy delicious, wholesome food and a fun and sociable mealtime


The Rainbow Gourmet Catering Services

Weekly Menu